Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mitch is hard boiled

In this picture: Sneezy bird and honey sticks

Mitch listens to a lot of old time radio over the internet when he works on his computer and today I think he must be listening to old detective shows because he came upstairs and said to me in an old timey voice, "Hey baby, I like the look of your honey sticks, whats say we go see what's at the top of them stems!" I think those are euphemisms for legs. He also called me an "oven jockey" which I think means wife. The forties, what a fantastic time to be a woman!

In other news, the bird was just sitting on my shoulder and we were sharing a bonding pet/owner moment, and as I was looking lovingly at her, she sneezed in my eye. It was surprisingly phlegmy.


  1. Does Mitch also hike up his pants under his armpits and belt his socks to his leg?

  2. Wow, how could you resist him, or did you?

  3. Mitch's pants do seem to be creeping up higher the older he gets. He doesn't have sock garters, but he does wear spats. (just kidding, he doesn't, I just like the word spats.)And yes, Kelly, I did somehow manage to resist him today, but it was tough.


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