Friday, February 20, 2009

The Crotch Watcher

Mitch has a junkyard connection and his contact is named The Crotch Watcher. (actually, I'm not sure how to write it; Crotch Watcher, Crotchwatcher, or Crotch-Watcher) I don't think that's his real name, but that is what Mitch calls him because among the junk in the junk yard is a bug deflector for a truck that says "Crotch Watcher" on it. One day Mitch spotted it and asked the guy (who is old) who the Crotch Watcher is and the guy said he had that bug deflector on his truck for a long time so he IS the Crotch Watcher. Mitch almost ruined their relationship by trying to be funny and saying, "So, are you watching my crotch right now?" The Crotch Watcher did not think it was funny and their relationship was strained for a while, but thankfully it got back on track. The Crotch Watcher had to move from his place of business in a pole barn, to running his junk yard out of his home. I love driving by there because it is so interesting and there is always a cruddy looking sign by the driveway that says, "Free Cats." I bet his neighbors are crazed with all the junk, and feral cats, and crotch watching.


  1. Mitch just told me that this was also the guy's CB handle. "This is the Crotch Watcher, what's your 10 20 Good buddy, Over."

  2. LOL! I just upset the substitute bus driver yesterday. He said his first stop was a kid he hadn't seen in 3 years. Then he said he hadn't seen me in 10 years (we used to work together, him driving Murphy's bus was a big surprise). He said he wondered what stop three would be. I said (not thinking), "It's your day! Don't die tonight!" And he dead pan says, "Don't say that." I laughed, and then later when I was in the house I kicked myself.


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