Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sorry, the game of sweet revenge...

Sam and Kira and I went to the library today. When we go to the library they always ask to play the game Sorry. I don't know why this is because although they GET why it's called the game of sweet revenge, it totally pisses them off when somebody draws a sorry card and sends them back to the start position. Under 99.9 percent of circumstances they are even tempered and emotionally stable, but when they play this, they lose it, turning red in the face, trying (and failing) to hide inner rage (gritting teeth, suppressed growls), crying, walking away, quitting. EVERY time!

But if they are winning, they are giddy like they are on drugs; giggling, hopping up and down, talking loudly to strangers... It's hilarious for me because before we start playing I say, "So, who do you think is going to cry this time?" Nobody denies that they will cry. It's just part of the game.

There's something about THIS game that makes them go on a bi-polar emotional roller coaster ride. I've had to physically stop Sam from flipping the board over when Kira sorried him once, and today Kira was almost done, about two spaces from the safe zone, eyes wide with joy and euphoria, and she got sorried and had to move back to start. The game had to have a ten minute time-out while she cried (angrily wiping the tears away before they could actually fall down her cheek), raged her inner rage, got ahold of herself and finally, regretfully, moved her piece.

She eventually won two games in a row while Sam was seething, just happy that he at least beat me, and Kira said, "We should come to the library more often to play this game, it's a lot of fun." I told her she could just buy the game at Target with some of her Christmas money. She said, "THEY HAVE SORRY AT TARGET?" So we had to stop there on the way home and pick it up. Now we have the source of their emotional turmoil at home.
Thanks Hasbro!


  1. Kira, they have EVERYTHING at Target.

  2. I have to pee before I read your posts to avoid accidentally laughing myself wet. This picture is almost as funny as your husband pretending to shoot himself at Christmas.

  3. What could you possibly been thinking when offered up the option of purchasing the game.


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