Saturday, July 4, 2009

Battle of the Paddleboat Stars!

Doug, Johnson's cabin neighbor, has a great old fashioned paddleboat and when he saw that Johnson's got a paddleboat he immediately got super competitive with the kids and told them that he could kick their ass in a paddleboat race. They were nice and let it slide, not wanting to embarrass him too badly, but the trashtalk continued relentlessly and they finally decided to take him on and put him in his place. The kids put their lifejackets on and paddled the boat over to Doug's dock and flapped the paddles menacingly (the equivalent of revving). Doug talked Mitch into partnering up and the race was on. They were going to go around the marker in the bay.

The kids hung back at first, wanting to size up their opponents. The men pedaled their hearts out, (I think because they knew that they were going to run out of gas and have to coast much of the way back.)

You can't see this picture very well, but this is after they rounded the marker. The kids were catching up, but were still behind.

Feeling overly confident, Doug stopped pedaling and turned around to rub in the lead to the kids. Not smart, Doug!

The kids turned on the power then and there was nothing the men could do. In this picture Doug is still feeling pretty confident, not yet noticing the kids catching up because they are so stealthy and quiet and quick.

Doug now notices that he and Mitch are being easily passed.

Check out the splash behind the men's boat. They were trying, I'll give them that, but nothing can beat youth and vitality.

At this point Kira stopped pedaling in order to be the first one to jump out onto the dock (which, as everyone knows, is the universal determiner of who wins a paddleboat race) so the men pulled ahead a hair at the last minute, but Kira was the first one standing on the dock so the kids won. Doug disputes the results so there may have to be a rematch. The kids say "ANYTIME."

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