Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Parenting reflection...

Mitch and I took the kids to the fair last weekend. Typical perfect smallish fair with rides and barns and wonderful "food." We got the kids wristbands so they could go on the rides as much as they wanted. They both really wanted to go on the swing ride:

They got in line and then they were turned away by the man running the ride because he said it was broken. The kids were so disappointed. Here's our conversation:

Sam: Oh... That's the ride I really wanted to go on.

Me: Honey, I think they'll fix it and then you can go on it.

Kira: Who's going to fix it? That guy with the stump?

Me: No, I think that man with the spiderweb tattoo on his neck is going to fix it. See, he's got a wrench! Yay!

The ride was fixed shortly after that and the kids went on it over and over and over again. Here's my question now that I've had some time to reflect:

WTF was I thinking? I put the safety of my CHILDREN in the hands of a carnie with a neck tattoo and a wrench!

In my defense, Mitch was there too. He could have intervened with good judgment. But he didn't. And the ride DID stay fixed and seemed to work perfectly after that. AND I did make sure it went through a few successful runs without flinging other people's kids all over the midway before I let my kids get in line again.

Moral of the story: Don't be afraid to be a wet blanket; but also: Carnies are good repairmen.

Parenting is hard!

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