Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Canal Park

Kira came to me this morning with a written itinerary for her day. She was going to go for a long walk with Maisy wearing bandanas, play in the yard, have lunch, and then go to Canal Park and at 2:30 go to Dairy Queen and have Blizzards. I was non-committal but after she had the bandana walk, played in the yard, and had lunch, I saw that I would just be messing with her day if I didn't follow through with a trip downtown.

We walked along the lakewalk and the beach,

looked for sea glass and cool rocks,

Sam brought his scooter and scooted along the lakewalk path,

Kira unleashed Maisy so she could go swimming in the freezing, terrifyingly enormous waves, Yay Maisy! Lucky dog!

Kira took this picture of what was supposed to be a cute seagull, but it turned out to be a cute, evasive seagull.

We also saw this maniac jumping freezing, terrifyingly enormous waves with a jet ski.

We walked to the end of the pier and I asked Kira how much money I would have to pay her to jump off the pier and climb up the ladder that's there for safety reasons (it says DANGER, NO SWIMMING!). She said 15 dollars. I decided to call her bluff and see if she would. She proceeded to climb the wall of the pier and she was going to do it! I can't believe what a crazy person she is! FIFTEEN DOLLARS! (I'd have paid her a lot more than that)

Then we went to DQ and had blizzards. Fun day!

Now we're home again and the kids are fighting and complaining and have completely forgotten what an awesome mother I am. That's okay. I don't mind reminding them.


  1. Is she absolutely without fear because you keep tempting her to do dangerous things, or is she easy to tempt into dangerous things for some other reason?

  2. Far more lucrative than the Pink Lemonade & Oranges stand, little smartie.... assuming you paid up, of course. I think she might run the universe some day.

  3. Jon, do you think that daring her to jump off a pier to what would be certain death is irresponsible parenting? Hm. Something to think about. Maybe!

    Cynthia, yes, she makes much more on dares than she makes working. I wonder if that sends a bad message..... Lots to think about today.

  4. I'M not commenting on your parenting! I know the mighty Kira and respect her powers. Just making sure she got paid. :P


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