Monday, July 27, 2009

Mmmmm.... organ meat

Kira said to Mitch, "Dad, what is steak and kidney pie made out of?" and Mitch said, "Exactly what it sounds like." She went "Ahhh gross!.... you mean a piece of cow and MY KIDNEY!"

Somehow she made steak and kidney pie a little worse than it actually is. Who knew that could be done? I think I'll show her a picture of haggis and see what she thinks it is.

Mmmmm..... haggis.....

I just called her in from outside (she was following Sam around the yard saying the word "squirrel" in a thick New Jersey accent. (skawarill) I think he found it annoying. Anyway, she emerged from the back yard wearing only underwear because as she says, "It's HOT!" I showed her this picture and asked what she thought it was. She took a good long look and said, "Well, the stuff on the sides is broccoli, and I think the thing in the middle is a dragon egg."

Original. I never would have thought she'd say a dragon egg. She keeps us all on our toes.

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