Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mr. No Pants

Every time I go to Two Harbors I am fascinated by this statue of a french fur trader that is in town, right along the highway. The guy is wearing a short tunic, thigh high boots and NO PANTS AT ALL. Kira thinks that it is a mistake in the painting, and that he has pants on, they are just EXACTLY the same color as all the rest of his skin. I say it is no mistake at all. How hard would it be to paint on black pants, or brown pants, or tan pants. Not hard at all. This is definitely on purpose and so WEIRD!

Also, I'm a little concerned about his right hand. Looks like a bloody stump, or a red hoof. Did he get his fist caught in one of his traps? Is he turning into a horse? Is he the devil? I'm pretty sure the devil wears thigh high boots.

This is true art. I know that because it makes me think every time I see it. And because it's beautiful. And so sexy!

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  1. I think I know why his hand got chopped off :o No pants= trouble.


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