Monday, July 27, 2009

I almost died about ten times yesterday...

And here's why:

Mowing the lawn seems to be the most dangerous thing I have ever done. But what about standing on an aluminum ladder in the wet bathtub changing a lightbulb? Nope, not as dangerous. How about standing on my dresser in a squatting position using all the strength in my body to take the window out so I could wash it, risking getting shot across the bedroom and having a huge window break on top of me so whoever found me wouldn't know what it was that actually killed me, the spinal cord injury, or the blood loss? Nope. The riding lawnmower is the real killer. No, I take that back. It's not the lawnmower, it's the trees. Like this one:

This beautiful tree hasn't tried to kill me this year YET, it only grabs my headphones off my head every time I come anywhere near it, but last year it stabbed me in the groin/upper leg area and I pictured a punctured femoral artery and bleeding out before I could get to a phone. No puncture though, whew! Just a huge welt. I call this tree "the grabby crabby" (it's a crab apple tree... ha ha)

This is "Old Strangly." This is the one that strangles me every time I try to mow under it. The grass grows really long under it too, so it has to be mowed a lot. It's probably super fertile ground from all of it's past victims.

This is another apple tree and this one has stabbed me in the neck with rock hard thin little branches a few times. Again, I picture myself bleeding out, but this time from a punctured jugular.

But look at the results! It's worth risking my life every week, wouldn't you say?

We're going to have a bonfire one of these days. Want to come over and roast some marshmallows over the old garage cupboards?

This is an area that has a TON of wild rasberries, but they aren't very well developed because they are being choked by weeds. But guess what has two thumbs and doesn't want to weed it?

This gal!

I talked Kira into trading her underwear for a swimsuit, to try to class up the joint a bit. Look how cute my garden is!

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