Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I took the kids to open ice skating today and I even brought my skates to see if I've still got my mad skating skills. I don't. I don't think I ever had it, really. In fact, I haven't skated in so long that when I looked in my skates at the rink I found that the mice had been using them as a place to hide the dog food they steal from my dog. I skated for about ten minutes, then I was done. I kept picturing myself falling horribly. But thankfully I didn't. Wait a minute! What's this?

Oh my god! I'm so embarrassed! How did that get on here! Okay, since it's here, I might as well admit it; even though you can't possibly identify this skater because of the black bar over her eyes, it is me. Today. At the rink. I wore this dress because it is just what I threw on this morning when I rolled out of bed. (I always dress like this) I was trying my signature triple sow cow and some pesky little hockey player got in my way and it was either mow him over or take a dive. Thank goodness I got that bikini wax last week! Whew! My butt was a little sore after that, not to mention the headache from the huge crack in my skull, but then Mitch stopped the by the rink so I couldn't say no to a little ice dancing! I changed my dress (so we could match, and because my blue one was full of blood) and off we went!

It was not my lucky day on the ice. This one kind of hurt, although Mitch complimented me on my bikini wax after it happened! That was sweet!

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  1. OMG Sarah! I hope that you're ok! This made me laugh so hard that I was crying.


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