Saturday, July 11, 2009


It is Heritage Days in Two Harbors this weekend. We went there for the parade and the vendor stands in the park. I love this parade. They throw out TONS of candy. I took lots of pictures.

This is Kira's parade stance. This way she can beat every other kid to the ground-candy. She got a bag of candy that weighs about five pounds.

These people were in the building across the street from us. They threw water balloons at the floats with people on them that they knew, and I'm pretty sure at some people they didn't know. The cop car that led the parade got a balloon right in the window. They absolutely nailed the Class of '49 float which was a flatbed with a bunch of oldies sitting on haybales. The class of '49 was not too happy about it, with all the ladies protecting their hair helmets. One of the guys on the balcony yelled out "HI MOM!" She looked pissed.

This guy was his own float. He was dressed in a crappy knight costume, just marching on his own. He had to plan this out, get a permit, get the outfit together. Why?

Smokey the Bear sweating his balls off in a big piece of machinery.

The best part of any parade, the bagpipe band. Did you know bagpipes are made out of cow stomachs?

For some inexplicable reason, Kira fell in love with the creepy Salvation Army bear. He had zombie eyes.

Ronald McDonald is a ribbon twirler. A skilled ribbon twirler.

I bet this guy was tired. It was really windy today.

I just like this picture.


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