Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Me! (and Mitch)

It's our 11th anniversary today so I made us this cake. Anniversary is a longer word than you'd expect it to be. I took the picture, and then when I looked at the picture it made me think, "WTF is going on with my basil plant?"

The answer: Nothing good.


  1. Happy anniversary to you both! I remember our eleventh anniversary; we renewed our vows with Elvis in Las Vegas. Definitely the weirdest anniversary so far.
    Perhaps you could garnish the cake with the remaining healthy leaves on that basil plant? Just a thought.

  2. Congratulations! I think 11 is the Peach-Pit Anniversary! (I thought it was the 31st, but I was wrong.)

  3. Ohmerghad! I used to get those little dinosaurs that would grow in water when i was younger!! Flashback thank you!


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