Sunday, January 17, 2010


My sister-in-law, Marne gave me a Ped Egg for Christmas because she says I need to do a little "hoof maintenance."

She's so thoughtful. So I thought I would be thoughtful as well and not just tell her how much I appreciate her thoughtfulness, but show her with a craft project that's so easy anyone can do it! Here's what you'll need:

A piece of black construction paper, some glue and your Ped Egg foot shavings.

The Ped Egg is nice because there is a foot-shaving reservoir that they say is for easy cleanup, but can also be for easy foot-shaving storage. The first thing you have to do is see how much foot shavings you have on hand. Just give your Ped Egg a little shake and listen.

If you don't have enough, then you might have to give your heels a little scrape. Easy!

Then take your black paper and write a message with the glue. Next, sprinkle your foot shavings on the glue and shake it around (preferably over a garbage can, or you could save the foot shavings that come off for a future project. Just shake them back into the Ped Egg!)

If your project has a deadline and you don't have enough foot shavings, have your family scrape their rough parts and contribute. If they are unavailable or unwilling, you can cut it with some grated parmesan cheese. It looks like foot scrapings and also has an authentic footy smell.

Then you let it dry and you are done! I hope Marne likes it!

p.s. To all of you who gave me a gift for Christmas, this is how I'm doing all my thank-yous so you might have to wait until my feet get rough again until I can do more. I only had enough scrapings to do 6 thank-you cards today. Don't worry though, it's winter and my feet dry out fast!


  1. I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth!


  3. You are too gross for words....

  4. What? Haven't you guys ever had a good craft idea before? Do you think my foot shavings would be better off quietly disposed in a LAND FILL? I recycle, you earth-haters.

  5. Aren't we suppose to return to the earth?


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