Saturday, January 23, 2010

I have a new nemesis

A person should always have a good nemesis don't you think? I hardly ever see my previous nemesis because our kids go to different schools now. She became my nemesis when Sam and her kid were in kindergarten and I ran into her at the grocery store and she asked why Sam wasn't in the all-day class because she thought all the slow-learners were in the all day class. She didn't actually say it that bluntly, but almost. Since then she was my nemesis. We actually became sort-of friends through the years. Turns out she is just a bit of a social moron, but otherwise pretty nice. So I have been without a nemesis for a while and when a person is without a nemesis, the universe just isn't balanced.

I have actually mentioned my newest nemesis before in the post Sports Fan, but in it you thought she was a fictitious combination of all obnoxious hockey parents. You were wrong. It's one person and she's very very real. I shall from now on call her "Emesis." (What? It's because it rhymes with nemesis, get it?)

She reached official nemesis status today when I went to pick Sam up at the arena where he was working at a high school event. He wasn't waiting for me so I was going to go in and pick him up. Emesis was working the entrance which wasn't really even an entrance, it was just a caution-tape-barricade in the parking lot, and she stopped me and told me I couldn't go any further without a ticket. I told her I was looking for Sam. She said it didn't matter, I still couldn't pass without a ticket. She said she would go in and have a look around and tell him I was waiting, presumably because she didn't want me stealing any hockey joy when everyone else paid for a ticket. Then she never came back.

Now Emesis is my nemesis and I am going to think VERY bad thoughts about her, and blog about her, and talk about her behind her back. She'll never know what hit her. (Seriously, she'll never know.)

Who's your nemesis and how did you get together?


  1. I suppose In-laws could count, but it's better to have a non-related nemesis. I don't think the Joker was Batman's FIL.

  2. OOOH, I have a good psycho mail lady!

  3. Doesn't emesis pertain to vomiting, too? Great nickname for a nemesis. I definitely have a nemesis, but I can't post about him publicly.

  4. If you look emesis up in the dictionary the definition is "vomitus" which will be the name of my next nemesis if I ever have another (which I'm sure I will). Pete, I think I know who your nemesis is. Is it the Pube?

  5. Sarah and her archenemies, Emesis and Vomitus! It sounds so Greco-Roman Drama-esque.

    My nemesis most definitely is the pube. And he's only getting pubier.


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