Monday, January 18, 2010

Eagle vs. Shark

I saw the movie Eagle vs. Shark last night. It was so good that I decided to write a movie review about it. I got it because I am a fan of Jemaine Clement (the eagle in the picture). He is part of Flight of the Conchords, the 4th most popular folk comedy duo in New Zealand. He's also a rapper and his rap name is the Hip-hopopotamus. He raps with his partner, the Rhymnocerous.

The movie is about Lily (the shark in the picture) and Jarrod (the eagle). Lily is a quiet weirdo who is one of the sweetest characters ever. She's got a huge crush on Jarrod and crashes his dress-like-your-favorite-animal party to get close to him. They hook up and then start seeing each other, but Jarrod is kind of a loser. He makes Napoleon Dynamite look like a charismatic stud. He wants to go back to his home town because the boy who used to beat him up in high school is coming back and Jarrod wants to fight him. He's been training for years. He needs a ride and Lily talks her brother into taking them both.

When they get to Jarrod's hometown, Lily meets Jarrod's family who is still devastated by the suicide of Jarrod's brother.

I'm not going to say anything else about the movie other than it's really sweet and very good. It's not as good as Avatar, but it's better than Wolverine. Actually I think the story might be a little better than Avatar but only because that story has been told a million times because it is a good story (i.e. Pocahontas/Fern Gully). Eagle vs. Shark is an original story and the characters are fantastic. What Eagle vs. Shark is missing is 12 foot tall blue people or mutants. If it had those, it would be the perfect movie.

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