Sunday, January 3, 2010

Kira is a Wii savant

We got a Wii player for Christmas and already Kira is a pro. We have Wii sports and today she (says) she got a 300 in bowling. I didn't see it with my own eyes, but I don't doubt it because while she was bowling against me tonite she got five strikes in a row, and when it's her turn, she sometimes doesn't even bother standing up. One time she was just fooling around because she was about 150 points ahead of me, and she said, "I want to try something," and she casually dangled the controller from her wrist with her eyes closed and she still beat me. Believe it or not, she's not a gracious winner.

She's also an expert at tennis, baseball, and boxing. She sucks at golf though. I mean really sucks. That's the only thing that keeps me playing with her.

Sam is pretty good at Wii, but it just so happens that if a person is a hilariously awful bowler in real life, he isn't much better in virtual life. This link is a good comparison of Sam's temperament and skill when he bowls. Hilarious.

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  1. Is Sam bowling or dancing in that picture? If he's bowling, does he realize he doesn't have the controller in his hand?? Maybe that's why he's so bad....


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