Monday, January 25, 2010

Mitch just told me:

"Ventriloquism is the lowest form of puppeteering."

Ha ha, Edgar Bergen, you wasted your life!


  1. Mitch just saw this and said, "Bergen was lower than low because he was a radio ventriloquist."

    Good point.

  2. Now Mitch told me that if I was going to post a pic of Edgar Bergen, I should have had a pic with Mortimer Snerd (?) instead of Charlie McCarthy.

    Why does Mitch know so much about puppets?

  3. How do the Muppets rate, in Mitch's opinion?

  4. This post isn't regarding ventriliquism, although my lips are totally not moving.

    How do you get your 'tags' for what you write about on the blog so people can search that subject? Do you have to go through and tag each post and how long did that take?

  5. Kady, I went to the gadgets and got the labels gadget and then it took me about ten years to go through every single post and add a label to the post. It took a while. About ten years.


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