Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I'm back in the groove...

...And it's a good place to be. I worked today for the first time since before the break, subbing in a fourth grade room at my favorite school. I have some work to do in my life to get things back to pre-holiday status, for example, the pants I put on this morning (*work* pants) were a little snug. And when I say *a little snug*, I mean so tight that my back started to cramp up. It seems Chex mix does have calories after all. Crap.

I also noticed that my muscles are sore from playing Wii. Turns out playing video games is taxing physical labor for my holiday-atrophied carcass. My bowling leg is sore. How sad, huh? And my shoulders are a little sore too, I think from Wii tennis, but maybe from folding the ten loads of clothes I washed yesterday. Yes, folding clothes makes me sore. Time to start exercising. The family is going to the YMCA tomorrow to start our new membership. I plan on swimming laps for a few hours every day after the kids go to school. (stop laughing.... oh, that was me laughing). I might sign up for a few exercise classes too. Sam is going to bulk up by lifting weights so his hands and elbow joints aren't the widest things on his arms, and Kira is dying to swim. Mitch is really looking forward to shirtless, sweaty games of basketball like in the movie Teen Wolf. (That wolf was an awesome basketball player, for a werewolf.)

I've also returned to eating food that isn't factory molded to look like some other food. You know, like actual fruit instead of fruit snacks, and vegetables instead of vegetable flavored Chicken in a Biscuit crackers. Tomatoes really taste good after weeks and weeks of garbage.

So I'm working, I'm eating better, and I'm (thinking about) exercising. Good for me. Tomorrow is time to look at the bank account (shudder). Do you have a lot of post-holiday damage control to do?


  1. So fat. So very fat.

    And cold.

  2. If your Y has a spinning class, I highly recommend it. It's the most exhausting thing I've ever done!


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