Saturday, January 2, 2010


I usually don't make resolutions because why start the year disappointing yourself, am I right? I'm not going to start exercising and eating right on January 1 because I've still got bags of chips and tubs of dip to take care of and it would be abusive to let my kids eat all that crap by themselves. But I suppose resolutions are something I could try out.

1. I will study another language. (I originally wrote "I will learn another language" but that's setting the bar a bit high.) It might be Spanish, it might be Na'vi. Probably Na'vi, although I did take 6 years of Spanish and it is an actual language used by millions of humans, so it might be more practical and more useful.

2. I will stop being so practical.

3. I will continue teaching myself to play the guitar. I got a guitar a few years ago and I taught myself quite a bit, and this year I will practice and learn more stuff. Watch out B7 chord, this year you're mine.

4. I will be more social...... JUST KIDDING! Ha ha.. I really make myself laugh sometimes!

5. I'll get a real job. Plan A: NASA. If that doesn't work out, Plan B: Hollywood. If not at NASA or Hollywood then nowhere. Sorry, Mitch.

6. I'll wash that gray right out of my hair.

7. I'll make a goal during the mother/daughter hockey game in March, and I'll do it wearing figure skates. (real resolution: I will not get permanently injured during the mother/daughter game.)(Note to self: start being nicer to Kira.)

8. I will make ten different edible dishes in a bundt pan. I'm counting last week's meatloaf as one even thought it was technically last year, and I'm also counting cake as one. Eight more to go. Next week: Jello mold.

9. I will get the crumb of food out from under the F key on my keyboard, and I won't eat over my computer anymore.

10. I will not be disappointed with myself when I don't do any of the previous nine things on this list.

Do you have any resolutions this year?

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