Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sports fan

The weirdest thing happened at hockey tonite. First of all, let me preface this story by saying that today was the 650th consecutive day of hockey. (It's getting a little tiresome.) So anyway, one of the team dads was hitting people up to buy raffle tickets for a team fundraiser, so everyone got some. Then one of the team moms went around told everyone that "we" were throwing a little party after the scrimmage tomorrow night (consecutive day #651) and everyone owes her $10 for the food. Annoying. So I gave up the only cash I have had in weeks. Then I watched as she moved along to the next parent and I actually saw the straw that broke the camel's back.

Super-duper hockey Mom (SDHM): Hi! We're hosting a party for the kids after the scrimmage tomorrow night and I'm asking everyone to pitch in ten dollars for the food!

Sick-to-death-of-goddamn-hockey Mom (STDOGDHM): I just bought raffle tickets!

SDHM: Yeah! The party is going to be really fun. We're having taco in a bag! And do you think you'd have time to make brownies tomorrow? We'll need about six pans so if you could make two pans that would be great!

STDOGDHM: Taco in a bag and brownies huh? Sounds GREAT! I can't wait! Let me get you your money. Hey, on second thought why don't you just take my debit card, my PIN is 5780, just take out what "the team" needs whenever. Then you won't have to ask me for something every goddamn night and I won't have to look at your perky goddamn face and fight the urge to rip your hair out.

Then SDHM started crying and ran out of the arena.

Just kidding. That didn't really happen. But it would be so great if it did.


  1. 10 bucks for food?? How many kids are you feeding???

    I hope my daughter is in the Mathletes.

  2. I was so hoping that was true. I should have known it wasn't when no punches were thrown.


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