Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Another Nemesis

I think I may have ANOTHER nemesis! I have never had more than one at a time, so I'm kind of setting a record. This person is not technically my nemesis, I think she thinks I'm her nemesis, but I don't care about her one way or another so I guess the fact that she has built an animosity in her mind makes her my nemesis. Wait, what if she hasn't and I'm just imagining it and I've built the animosity in my mind? Does that make me crazy? No, it just makes for one more nemesis.

She is also a substitute teacher and one day we were at the same school and were having lunch at the same time. She told me that she used to work as a full-time teacher in the twin cities, and that she and her hubby moved here for his job and she can't find full-time work here so she subs. She asked where I usually sub and I told her and she said that she works there too, but mainly for one teacher who always asks for her but she didn't say who. I told her I was going to be in that building in a few days and she asked who I was going in for and I told her and it happened to be the teacher she is supposedly the regular sub for.

This crazy woman got tears in her eyes when she heard that I was subbing for him and she said, "Well, I don't know why he wouldn't have called me." The teachers don't call subs. They put the job into an automated system and they have the option to specify a sub, but most don't. I thought the whole exchange was so weird. Here I am at a crowded lunch table with a bunch of teachers and it looks as though I said something to make this unstable person cry. Awkward!

That was months ago, and I saw her again today at the very building we were talking about. She was working in the library, and I was teaching 4th grade. I brought my kids to the library and she told me I had the wrong time. I thought I might have so I double checked and it was the right time. She said, "Oh, you're subbing for Mr. So-and-so?" who isn't even the teacher she cried about and I was like, "Yeah, obviously."

So am I crazy or am I her nemesis?

I just re-read this and I sound a little crazy. I think it might be me. No, it's not. I know she's the crazy one. Yep, it's definitely her. Psycho. I think her nemesis name will be Mrs. Bawlbaby.


  1. She teared up when you hardly knew her...AWKWARD!!'s not you...she's crazy.

  2. Weird. You are crazy, but that' ok, that's why we love you! She's crazy too....

  3. Next time you see her, if there's any conversation, pass some time with idle chit-chat for a few minutes. Once the conversation is established, look her squarely in the eye and mouth (do not speak) the words "I AM GOING TO KILL YOU" - you may also make hacking/sawing motions across your neck at this time - then carry on with the conversation as if nothing had happened.
    Unless that's the kind of thing you do a lot, it will seem so absurd nobody in the administration will believe her on the off chance she tries to say anything, besides, they probably all hate her and her damned emotional outbursts, I hate crazy people.


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