Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oh snowboarders, you're so unconventional that it's almost conventional

But it doesn't matter that their snowpants look like jeans and they wear big baggy plaid jackets because when you watch them you are amazed at how high they jump above the edge in the half-pipe event. It makes you say, holy shit! and then you have a new respect for how daring/suicidal they are.

I find Shaun White to be a very pleasant sort of person in interviews, but having seen the movie Children of the Corn at the tender age of 13, (yes it was rated R, but we bought tickets for Footloose, and snuck into C of the C. Mistake.) I can't help but to be a tiny bit creeped out by his uncanny resemblance to mass-murderer, Malachi.

One of these pictures is Shaun White and one is Malachi.
Do you know which is which?

Some part of me is subconsciously waiting for Shaun White to land at the top of the pipe and start slashing throats.

It's just a matter of time.


  1. Wait, wasn't Malachi the black haired creepy short fat one??
    I have a crush on Shaun, I just call him Shaun.
    I'm 47, is that wrong?

  2. I'm pretty sure that Malachi was the red-headed throat slasher. It's embedded in my brain. Shaun White is okay. (as you can see, we're not on a first name basis, like you) He has really nice teeth. BTW, who are you, Anonymous? Have we met?

  3. Oops it wasn't suppose to anonymous!
    I'm Jane in Golden, CO.
    I love your blog and have passed it on to my friends.
    Kira is a riot!!!

  4. Thank you Jane! Nice to meet you and thanks for reading the blog!


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