Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Move over Scott Hamilton!

Our Olympic ice dancing dreams may be dead, but now Mitch and I have a new dream: ice skating commentators. We are surprisingly well-versed on the sport for only watching it for two weeks every four years. Here's some of our conversations:

Mitch: I don't think Mao should do the triple axle double toe loop combo because Yu Na is doing a triple triple and that is more points. Mao should just go for the points.

Me: Agreed!

And during ice dancing finals:

Me: I think that Jana Novitski's costumes are always colored and Sergei Khokhlova's are always black because she's the stronger skater, and the colors on her draws your eye to her instead of him.

Mitch: Scott Hamilton said the same thing 30 seconds ago. And you were sitting right here.



  1. THAT was funny! I think there may be a future for the two of you. But you better pick something else to fill the time between the competitions!

  2. Could you be there by tonight so I don't have to listen to Scotty Hamilton anymore? It's like nails on a chalkboard. And maybe not do any commentary until after each skater is done with their performance? These people are so critical that it kinda ruins it for me.



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