Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Okay, I can't keep this opinion to myself anymore: I think that olympic figure skaters should just wear some kind of team uniform instead of costumes. I am watching the men's figure skating now and these men are incredibly talented and athletic, but I can't get past the stupid podunk "I'm wearing overalls because I'm country" outfit on the guy I'm watching right this minute.

The American skater, Johnny Weir, comes on soon and I got a glimpse of what he's wearing and all I can say is, oh boy.

Really Johnny? Really???

This is why people call skating a gay sport even though when men and women skate together, much of their contact is hand to crotch:

Or crotch to face:

Okay, that's it for my opinion. I have to go watch Skeletor from Belgium now.


  1. OMG! Do we think alike or what? Yesterday Lorin and I talked about pairs skating and then when I read your blog this morning it was about you and Mitch pair skating...weird...when the pairs started I told Lorin that they should have to wear a uniform (that was after the clowns)...and tonight after the overalls I was thinking that they should DEFINITELY have to wear a uniform especially when they go as far as to have faux dirt on their costume...Why don't they wear an olympic uniform? Do you think they get judged on their costume? Right now I'm watching "Puttin on the Ritz" (faux tux).

  2. A-Men!! I was telling Brian that the reason the French team wouldn't allow the ho-down man on their team was because of that ridiculous costume. I don't remember anything about his routine because I couldn't get over the osh kosh b-gosh thing. Who thought that was a good idea? I just sat there feeling sorry for him.

    I went to bed after watching Evan - you know, the cute one. I think he had feathers on his sleeves. He sucked it up, big time...at that point, I was on queer overload....

    They should have personal skating stylists telling them to cut back on the glittery skeleton bones.

  3. Agree!! I ff'd through everyone but creepy Johnny Weir (he's a little asshole), KEYOOT Evan Lysacek and the Russian. Uniforms without sequins and feathers are a must.

    P.S. Anne, I loved your "I've got the jugs....ha cha cha" comment the other day on Sarah's FB page!!

  4. Johnny Weir is an asshole? Why? I have to know! In the spirit of Beth's faux comparisons, Johnny's costume is a faux corset.

  5. I am so glad to hear that I wasn't the only one total distracted by the hill billy costume. I couldn't even watch his skating and appreciate what he was trying to do because the costume was so hidious! I think it will take him a long time to live that one down, no matter what country he lives in! Oh, I forgot to mention the cheesy WAY over down facial expressions, I don't know how he can live with himself....

  6. sorry....over DONE facial expressions, either way....what was he thinking??

  7. And the flailing of the arms...was that over done or am I the only one that noticed?? I can hardly wait to watch them tonight.

    Speaking of uniforms, the snow board team for the US needs to pull up their pants. I'm just sayin'; maybe they wouldn't topple over on the half pipe if they wore a belt. Slope conditions have nothing to do with it.

    Amy: Thanks for commenting on "my jugs". Finally, someone gets me!!

  8. Oh, totally agree on the face-caress-y arm moves.


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