Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Kira!

Kira turned ten yesterday. She had a great birthday that started with her sleeping-in until ten. Then she got up and I had to make her French toast and while she was eating it she said, "The French are lazy. When they order French toast they just have to say 'toast' and when they order French fries, they only have to say 'fries.'"

After that we played some Wii games and I graciously let her win because she is an incredibly sore loser. The day before her birthday I took her out to buy her a new jump rope because that was on her wish list. While we were at the store I got her a yoga ball too because she has wanted one of those for years. She had an idea to sit on the yoga ball and while clenching it with her legs, simultaneously bouncing and jumping rope. She can actually do it and when she gets more consistent I will take a video and post it. So after we played Wii she practiced her yoga-ball jump-roping. Then she went to Sam's hockey game with her grandparents and then they all came over for dinner. We had her favorite, oil chicken, and then she opened presents. She said she got everything she wanted. She was a very happy girl.

She designed her own cake this year. It was a white cake that we turned blue with food coloring, white frosting, and then with blue icing, she made a picture of Lake Superior, a lighthouse, and a ship. I haven't downloaded the pictures yet but when I do I'll put them on this post.

Happy birthday, Kira!


  1. She is so talented! Happy Birthday Kira! Hope you get your internet connection figured out soon...miss you on here!

  2. I'm glad the little Stupe had a good birthday...I can't wait to see the jump roping's unbelievable what that girl can do.


  4. Also, since the kids both play hockey, have you thought about showing them this video?

    PROTIP: Lyrics contain profanity for added warping!

  5. Awesome cake Kira....Happy Birthday!!!

  6. Kira made a great Lake Superior. Impressive!


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