Tuesday, February 2, 2010

This is how much I love my son

I love him so much that on this, the first night of the last season of LOST, I took him to a hockey game. I sat there and froze my large buns off and listened to Emesis's husband, Vomitus, say that if the team didn't start playing better they weren't going to get the cookies Emesis brought for them, and they were going to go back to our arena and skate until they PUKE.

Yes, I listened to that and watched the 15,233rd game of the season which was another tie. Which means there was an overtime. Which means the game was just that much longer.

All this was happening and at home my woodstove was making my basement nice and toasty and LOST was starting. Now I'm watching it, but I missed an hour and I don't know what the heck is going on. Why were they all on the plane that landed in L.A.? That didn't happen. Did it? I saw Juliet die. Sad. I love Hurley's sideburn/chops. What is this cave they are going into and where is that creepy little guy, Ben, with the bulgy eyes? Who is the guy in the turban? Is it still the 70's? I will never catch up now.

That's how much I love my son.


  1. You didn't miss anything...the first hour was just a recap of last season.

  2. What happened last season? I don't think I remember it. I remember them being in the 70's, and a big wheel but that's about it. Maybe I should watch last season over again. Crap.


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