Monday, February 1, 2010

No Internet Connection!

Our server has been down for days so we haven't had internet for a while and I'm having withdrawal symptoms. So to feed my addiction, today I brought my computer to UMD to catch up on what's been happening.

What a pain! I forgot how hard it is to find parking on campus. That sucked. Then I found a nice spot to sit so I got everything set out just the way I like it, and then in about fifteen minutes I had to go to the bathroom which was only about 20 feet away, but I can't leave my computer just sitting out, so I had to pack everything up and go, and when I came back about three minutes later, someone else had taken my sweet spot. Darn! So I went and fed my parking meter, came back in, found a not-so-sweet spot next to some douche who sat next to me about five minutes after I sat down, and has his headphones on so loud I can hear his crappy music, and he keeps unwrapping candy in LOUD cellophane wrappers. He kid, grow up, I'm trying to read some blogs and catch up on Facebook! Why does he have to sit RIGHT NEXT TO ME. I was here first and there are lots of other places to sit. Maybe I should fart.

Then I wrote my movie review on Rescue from Gilligan's Island (the post below) and now I'm writing this post. Right this second I'm writing this line. Now this one. Just kidding. That was annoying, but this is what happens when I lose my internet connection. I get annoying and boring.

Kira's birthday was yesterday and she had a great day. That should be it's own post. Stay tuned.

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