Saturday, February 27, 2010

It's spring now

I decided today that winter is over, which I know, is setting myself up for disappointment and cabin fever, but why not? I put away all the stupid decorative snowmen that were SO CUTE in December but have been annoying me constantly lately. I took out the Easter stuff. I don't have much, just a few bunnies mostly, but I have this carrot candle in a pot that makes me slightly uncomfortable.

Seems too phallic, but that's what spring is all about, right? RIGHT??? The season of penises.

I also planted my future garden. Here it is.

So far it's two varieties of tomatoes and two varieties of peppers. One is jalapenos, and I don't know why I bothered planting them because ketchup is too hot for us sometimes, and I even have to be careful about what kind of toothpaste I buy because if I get anything too wild the kids say it's too "spicy" and they try to squeeze the dregs out of the old Pepsodent tube until I relent and get something boring and plain.

Happy Spring, my internet peeps!

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  1. I am with the kids .......... I don't like "spicy" toothpaste either. Don't ever by Aqua Fresh. Talk about spicy!


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