Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 6 without the kids

Does this look like a flesh-eating-bacteria? I am pretty sure this tiny blemish on my pinky is from bacteria and I'm pretty sure it's flesh-eating. It's small, I know, but everything starts small. I think I caught something early and now I don't know if I should go to Urgent Care, or directly to the emergency room. Maybe I should just dig it out myself. Or maybe it's just a blister. I'd feel kind of stupid if the doctor laughed at me and said, "Go home idiot." But I bet people who have lost half their torsos to flesh eating bacteria would encourage me to GO! I think I'll do a little home-exploratory-surgery. While I'm at it, I have this thing on my leg.... I think if I had a blade sharp enough I could take care of it. But you don't have a license to practice medicine, you say? I've watched a LOT of ER and I know what I'm doing! I am going to go look up "medical supply stores" in the yellow pages and see where I can buy a scalpel. Wish me luck!



  2. Your pinky is HUGE!

  3. Shut up, it's a super close-up. My pinky is actually very small and graceful. Like a gazelle's pinky. Anyhoo, you'll all be happy to know my pinky is fine. Turns out it wasn't actually flesh eating bacteria. I don't have a scalpel yet (tomorrow!) and then the thing on my leg is GONE!


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