Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dog sweaters, you know you want one

Maisy, freshly brushed....


a BUCKET of fur...

a spinning wheel...


Beautiful Christmas gifts!

I can't actually make sweaters though, so be expecting a blanket, or placemats, or something else that's square.


  1. You could make a dog shirt ........ like the towel shirts.

  2. Can I just have your dog instead?? I want a dog (I think) in the worst way. (go ahead, talk me out of it.) Yeah, I know they poop, barf, scratch, bark, chew on favorite shoes and slippers, drool, lick themselves then want to lick you, shed, shed, shed some more...but I want one.

  3. Anne, with the dog I have, I couldn't talk you out of having a dog. She is wonderful! Smart, obedient, mostly stays outside so the shedding is limited indoors, she doesn't drool, or lick people. She does tend to bark, which annoys the crap out of Mitch, but like I tell him, she only barks at things that are dangerous to us (serial killers) so she has probably saved our lives MANY times. Totally worth it. Go for it!


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