Monday, August 24, 2009

Summer vacation needs to be over now

Sam just ran through the living room wearing a helmet, (???) laughing hysterically, and Kira came chasing him shortly after, also laughing hysterically and yelled out, "I'm gonna break your skinny neck!" This is how they act when the are "getting along."

This morning Kira caught a hummingbird. Out of the air. She brought it in to show me and get a picture, and then as she was taking it back outside to let it go she said to Sam, "Let's see if we can make it suck on some flowers!" I'm sure that hummingbird can't wait for school to start either.

(I made sure they let it go without force feeding it flower juice)

"Hey Lady, when does school start again?"


  1. On behalf of hummingbirds everywhere -- Oh My God!

  2. Yeah, she says it was hovering over a flower and she just grabbed it.


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