Tuesday, August 25, 2009

They call me Mother Nature

Look at my garden! I actually grew stuff! And I can eat it! I'm stunned with my productivity.

Just look at this beautiful carrot. Bugs Bunny would be happy to have that, don't you think?

Here's a teensy tiny cucumber.

Can you spot the pea? How about the tomato?

In other food-growing-in-the-wild news, Mitch found a berry in the woods the other day, and being the responsible outdoorsman that he is, he looked it up before he ate it. It was called a Watermelon berry. Sounds delicious doesn't it? He thought so. He ate it. After he ate it he experienced what he described as a "burning colon sensation" and he thinks they should be renamed "Eat-me-nots."


  1. I just love gardening. I don't grow veggies, but someday, when my children aren't afraid of food, I'm all about it.


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