Sunday, August 2, 2009

Destruction and Debauchery

My in-laws took my kids to the cabin for the WEEK! The theme for Mitch and me this week is "Destruction and Debauchery!" (read it like you're the devil)

So far we haven't destroyed or debauched anything unless eating a breakfast at Bridgeman's named the "Heavy and Hearty" could be considered debauchery.

I don't know what we will destroy (other than healthy eating habits) while they are gone. Whenever they leave for a few days I always think, "Hmm... what should I eat while they are gone that I would never consider eating when they are here?"

I know, if I was a spice, I'd be vanilla.

Maybe we'll enter a Wife Carrying Race. ...No, you shut up, it's real!

If so, perhaps I should have made a better breakfast choice. Sorry Mitch!

Mitch says no to the wife carrying, he says he doesn't trust me not to fart on the back of his head. To which I say, "Good thing you're such a hard sleeper!" Just kidding. That was gross. I've never done that. MITCH, I HAVE NOT EVER DONE THAT!


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