Monday, August 17, 2009

I think Sha Sha is putting poison in their Long Island Teas

Not that they weren't drinkable. They were. I just had horrid, wake-up-sweating nightmares the whole night that I drank them. Let me back up a little bit. It was the annual girls, (I mean "girls") camping trip weekend. We go to Rainy Lake and camp (I mean "camp") and we usually spend some time at Sha Sha Resort. Sha Sha has new owners and the girls and I think they might be using some kind of cheap, pschydelic alcohol because I wasn't the only one who had nightmares.

I dreamt that there was a huge population surge in these vicious turtle/lobster animals. They were about as big as snapping turtles and they had huge lobster claws and they could shoot their incredibly long arms out and grab things with their claws or wrap their arms around things. They would chase people, and if they got really pissed off they would stand on their hind legs and flare their shell out and expose their disgusting little alien bodies, while stalking you and hissing. It haunts me.The camping weekend is a lot different now than when the tradition started. We used to use tents and pack tons of coolers full of alcohol, and maybe one little playmate cooler with hot dogs, and a watermelon (watermelon with a bottle of everclear in it). Now we stay at a gorgeous cabin that has air conditioning, toilets, a bedroom for each of us, a sauna and there is tons of wonderful food. We used to talk about .... god, I don't even remember what, but there were lots of dares. Now we talk about kids and husbands and what vitamins we take and we go to bed before midnight.

It was super fun and I can't wait until next year, but no more Long Island Teas, please.

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  1. I found an actual animal that is very similar looking to the terrifying clawed turtles. They are called coconut crabs. Google it!


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